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About us

The company W.P.P.H. "Magma" was established in May 1987 as a small factory producing gravelights. Initially, these were gypsum and ceramic gravelights, followed by glass and plastic. Currently we have wide offer of over fifty types of gravelight refills (made from palm oil, moulded and suffused) and over one hundred designs of glass gravelights, including decorative glass and frozen. Such a wide range of products allows to satisfy the taste of nearly every customer.

The company operates as a private factory based on domestic capital. The suppliers of containers are all the biggest glassworks in Poland and several small factories producing decorative and frozen glass.

Many years of experience allows us to provide excellent quality of our products and our own transport ensures delivery on term to customers.

Raw materials used to produce suffuse gravelights we  buy directly from manufacturers commercially proven and semi-finished products (granules, moulding) we produce on our own.

In November 2006, our company has been burned, but did not interrupt production and after reconstruction we invest in more modern machinery park to be competitive on the market.

The company is located in the town of Suchatówka, en route Toruń - Inowrocław, Kujawsko-Pomorskie.

Our advantages:

- High quality products

- Competitive prices

- The innovative technology of the production of gravelights and refills

- Modern machinery

- We are up to date with market trends

- We care about the environment

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